Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hand Stitched Monogrammed Box

Gift giving is all about thought and presentation.  You can give a tiny inexpensive gift but if it has a touch of handmade it will mean so much more to the recipient than something completely store bought.  This idea is all about the packaging.  You can give a little thing, someone's favorite candy, tickets to a concert or a movie, a store bought present, but if it comes in a box that is monogrammed with their initials on it, I promise they will keep it forever.  This project is super inexpensive, you probably have most of the materials around your house already ;)

This box was $4.99 at Michael's.

A tie (a fairly tradition gift), in a monogrammed box is a winning combo.  Thoughtful and practical.

First, trace around the bottom of the box on brown construction paper.  Cut out.

Cut into three sections, one for each initial.

Hand cut letters out.  Remember, 1st initial, last initial, then middle initial!  C  B K are the initials in their correct order but last initial will be flanked by 1st and middle initial here.

Mod Podge letters, front and back to the wood.

This part takes a while and might hurt your hands a bit.  Poke holes through the wood with an awl every 1/4 inch.

Sew embroidery thread through the holes, going back on yourself so the stitch is a continual "stitch" with no gaps.  The needle will have to be smaller than the awl so it can fit through the holes.

All done!

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