Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Perfect Shot

Perusing the February issue of InStyle, I saw this awesome Instagram photo on canvas that you can have printed on a square canvas and thought that this was a great gift Chris might really love for Valentine's day.  I also just picked up this cool film that you can run through your printer, and attach to pretty much any surface called CraftAttitude Printable Film.  This was the perfect excuse for a trip down memory lane in search of the perfect photo of Chris and I through the years- we're going on 13 years now, so we have SO many photos through the years.  I narrowed it down to two, thought that it should be something that we wouldn't mind seeing on the wall everyday.
The proposal in Hawaii almost exactly 8 years ago.
The photo printed in reverse on the film.
I spray mounted the whole  back of the image.
Mount it to the 8x8" canvas , then trim it.

And here it is on our tree stump shelf/coat rack.

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