Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hand Wrapped Heart

Tinkering in the workshop with John Peterson, my favorite Mr. Crafty, (and the only person I know who can build literally anything), we came up with a fun use for aluminum strapping just in time for Valentine's day- a hand wrought heart.  Now, the making of the heart is super easy, but wrapping it with embroidery thread took me a long, long time.  I'm guessing about two-three hours.  Good movie watching activity.

C for Christopher!

Without the C

Measure 1 yard, cut with metal cutters.

Fold in half at mid-point.

Bend metal straps into a heart shape and join together at bottoms.

Clip into decorative point if desired.

Using a clipped copper nail through the bottom hole, hammer until shaft expands into a disc.

It's like magic when the nail head expands into a circle.  
Make a letter with the same metal.  I got of easy with a "C".

Wrap with thread.  Tie the letter to the heart with thread.  Will take a while but so lovely when done.

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