Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Fair Necklace

On a recent pop into Anthropologie, I saw these incredibly colorful and totally unique necklaces by the London-based designer Akong.  I instantly fell in love.  They are like having a street fair around your neck.  The way they combine fiber trim, leather, and metal is a totally fresh, yet primally decorative approach to jewelry.  The technique is such a simple wire-wrap- I thought I'd try it and see what I could create using what I had.   I adore the outcome!  I think it's the best necklace I've ever made (although I say that after I make everything).  It's very versatile and can be dressed up or down and paired with something basic or worn to a wedding perhaps.  I'll see as summer wears on how many outfits this pretty piece ends up with! 

Another version avec pom poms

1.  Use a long long 24 gauge wire and triple wrap end to start, then weave a strand of suede cord and rhinestones to a chain by looping through the chain.  Loop in the end of a piece of decorative trim but leave loose.

2.  Glue the trim to the back of the chain with Liquid Fusion.  This will keep the trim from moving around.  This process is being overseen by the police.

3.  To finish off ends, loop equal lengths suede cord through both ends of chain.  Poke head pins through all four ends of cord, and pull two each through end caps.   Attach one side to finishing clasps and one to extension chain with a little something for decoration.

Perfect with summer chambray button down.


honey my heart said...

this necklace is so fun and colorful! great diy.

Sonya Nimri said...

Thanks so much honey my heart. It's a really simple project and I get tons of compliments on it. I think the important thing is to get really heavy chain to offset the light fluffiness of the fiber elements. Good luck with yours!