Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Neon Floral Wedges I'm still on the neon train.  Maybe it's because I grew up in a neighborhood infatuated with Phil Collins, or maybe I just love the 80s, but whatever the case the fact is that neon is back IN, finally, and I couldn't be happier. Seems like nowadays everywhere you look someone's added a bit of nuclear colored pop to brighten an otherwise dreary outfit, and why wouldn't they? Neon is instant color. So, my latest project is a suede wedge redo... The shoes themselves were just sort of blah, nothing special, been sitting in my closet forever and I didn't think they particularly went with anything.  Suede is a hard material to redo because you can't paint them the way you can paint plain leather but my solution was to add the detail on top.  I glued leather cut-outs that I cut with my Cuttlebug die cutter, then rhinestones with my Tulip jewel heatsetter tool to the heels to make them pop.   And while they didn't go with much before, I think they will now... I have a ton of blue dresses that I thought this new color palate would work well with both navy, white and black.

The before.
1.  Run leather scraps through your die cutter or manually cut floral shapes.  I have big feet (size 9) and needed a lot of flowers.  You could also use a manual punch for this part.  The Martha Stewart die cutters are really lovely too.

2.  Use Liquid Fusion or a fabric glue to glue shapes to wedge.

3.  Bedazzle with rhinestones for a little extra interest.
4.  Paint leather with Krylon Brights fluorescent paint pen.  It took about 5 layers to get the desired saturation.  Let dry between coats.
Cute, right?
Perfect with my black, silk Cynthia Vincent jumper!


Hipster's Tea Party said...

Very cute Sonya!!

Hipster's Tea Party said...

Very cute Sonya!!

Anonymous said...

Love. This.

Laure-Anne said...

Très joli!