Monday, June 11, 2012

Baby Blessing Way

Yesterday I attended the loveliest event called a Baby Blessing Way.  I have to admit I wasn't looking forward to it... thinking of all the boring baby showers I've been to with the silly games, then having to watch someone open presents.  Not exactly my idea of a fun afternoon.  Well, I was totally surprised by how lovely this party was.
My friend Jessica Begum of Hipster's Teaparty threw it for herself.  A simple evite, no presents (it's her third child so she has everything), all that she requested was that we bring a quote to write on a card that she was going to put in a book, and a dish to share.  She hired a henna tattoo artist to treat us to a tattoo and we all sat around chatting and feasting on the potluck style buffet.  So simple and totally lovely.   Here are highlights of the party.

A lovely hand sewn punched heart garland.  For directions check out Jessica's blog.
A simple and elegant flower arrangement and yummy cupcakes.
Simple garden decor.
The momma's henna tattoos.  
My tattoo!

The favors.  Can't wait to light my candle.
What a blessing a baby coming into the world is.    Looking forward to meeting Jessica's little bundle!

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