Kitchen Update- Using wall color on furniture...

 In an attempt to streamline and update the look of my house, I've been on a furniture painting kick.  Some of it is a definite improvement- but this matching of the wall in the kitchen is a questionable one.  Is it a good thing that you can't tell where the wall ends and the table begins?  I've yet to decide if I'm in love with this latest decorating move... I think I need to put the paint brush down and work on other things for a bit.
After.  Cleaner, yes. 

Before, as you can see, James is not pleased.  He demanded it be painted yellow to match the wall (can I blame my 1 year old?).
A little Santa Fe for our taste.


Joellyn Knapp said…
Hi Sonya; Hey very talented are amazing, talented, and, just put my mind in awe to see all of your talent.. I love the after versus the before from you painting of furniture...Keep up all the good work you are doing. Much Love, JK
Sonya Nimri said…
Thanks Joellyn! I'm liking it more as the days wear on. You are so encouraging. Thanks and I hope to see you next time I'm home.

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