Friday, June 22, 2012

Neon Ladder Necklace

 Marisa Lynch of New Dress A Day is not only an outrageously fun lady, she's also immensely talented in the crafting department.  We had the pleasure of working on a mystery T.V. pilot together  and I instantly felt a serious soul-sister connection to her.  She offered to babysit sometime which is an instant "LOVE" for me (for any of you who want to get me to "LOVE" you too).  Not that I would ever take her up on it because her mind is made for creating and that is what I see us doing together.  Here is the first of a series of projects we made together.  More to come!!!

Get your hands on some brass or copper tubing at the hardware store.  This is made by K&S and was 1/8" in diameter.
1.  Cut tube with wire cutters by gently working the pliers around the tube in a circular motion.
2,  Paint neon then thread onto a head pin.

3.  Thread multiple tubes onto a loop chain in a ladder pattern.


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