Yellow Trimmed Patchwork Scarf

I recently fell in love with this dainty little patchwork scarf at Anthropologie with hand crocheted edges.  Handmade in Morrocco, it cost a pretty penny-$248.00 for something I thought would easily made in a couple of hours.  I cheated the edges a little, just using a yellow blanket stitch around the edge instead of a complicated crochet stitch.  I also made it an infinity scarf because I love the way infinity scarves drapes without the end of the scarf to deal with.

My inspiration with a steep $248.00 price-tag.

Lovely vintage fabric samples from my dear friends at Zinnia Crafts in Pasadena.

Straight stitched together, then folded and stitched on the reverse side 1/4 inch in from the first stitch to seal the edge.

James trying to get in on the scarf making action.

The full length of the scarf.  It's final size is 48" long x 13" wide

Blanket-stitch around the edge.  At first I thought it wasn't going to be noticeable but it really is a pretty finish and really stands out.


Wow, that is so cool....thanks for sharing. I love it!
wonderful! thanks so much for sharing the great really is pretty fabric.

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