Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Bric-a-Brac Frame

Mother's day is almost here and a quick and easy project that mom will cherish forever is this kid-friendly (besides the spray painting), bric-a-brac frame that Mom will love hanging by her bedside or place in a prominent place in the house. Choosing a photo first and if the frame will be hanging or propped up on it's own will help you figure out a flat side that will require fewer adornments.
The final frame of my adorable son Agrippa when he was 2.  Even though it's so textured, notice how the picture stands out against the white of the frame.

1.  This might take your kids a while to do but it's a fun process!  We glued all sorts of things to the frame including beads, foam stickers, silk flowers, sea glass, and even buttons.  Remember it needs a night to dry so if you need it done by Sunday, get crackin'.

2.  Spray at least 5 coats white glossy paint.  I used Krylon White Semi-Gloss The fiberous pom-poms weren't painting so well (see top) so I hot glued sea shells on top of them which painted much better.

Grandma will love it!  

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