Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Goat Cheese Galore

I can't lie.  What attracted me to this stand at the farmer's market at the Sunday Sevres-Babylone Organic Market was the sign.  The very detailed hand painted assortment of cheeses against the French blue background on the rustic boards held together by twine just drew me in.  Then the scent of cheese took over the senses.  Pungent, sweet, and nutty all at once, overwhelming really.  Of course, I had to buy some.  Intrigued by the black mold that made some of the cheese look like it had been extracted from an 18th century excavation, it was too offensive to pass up.  Turns out, the stench is much worse than the flavor, which is biting at first but then gives way to a much milder, creamier, nuttier taste.  Looking forward to another round next week.

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