Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Getting Ready for Paris

In exactly one week Chris, Gripps, and I will be landing in the city of lights, romance, baguettes, foie gras and the best crepes on the planet!  Traveling with a baby makes for a lot of extra luggage.  We have a travel booster seat for eating at restaurants, an Ergo for when he needs to be worn, a 10 year old McClaren stroller for when he just gets too heavy, and diapers and changing pads, etc...  My friend Gail gave me this stroller that she used for her two kids.  I love it to pieces even though we have an expensive, shiny new Bugaboo. I much prefer this stroller because it folds up so easily and is smaller for maneuvering around tight shops, which Paris is full of.  
I am so looking forward to pushing a boat in the Jardin de Luxembourg's fountain, riding a Velib, eating lots of olives and cheese, and seeing all the fabulous crafts and artistic inspiration that Paris has to offer.  I am also thrilled about this new form of travel that we have found: house swapping.  Should be much more comfortable than the boring old hotel!

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