Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Rainbow Rug

Sometimes we get caught up in color. What matches with what, what should go where to accentuate this or that. But sometimes...sometimes we don't just need a matching color. Sometimes we need more than a little color as an accessory. Sometimes we need all the colors, just because. And in those times I say thank God for the rainbow, and for how easily and affordably this bright reminder can be integrated into anyone's household. The rainbow speaks to all of us, people, so if you haven't embraced it's the time! Don't just bring a little color into your life...bring them all!

Since I had all the colors of the rainbow with the awesome Tulip one-step dyes, I thought I would make a colorful rug for the entrance of my studio.  First, I started out with a plain white rug, then watch what happens!

The original rug from Ross- $25.00

Squirt yellow dye in the center and rub the dye into the fibers.

The pill is high so it took a little rubbing.

Add the next color keeping in mind the color wheel and how the colors will blend into the next.

Next blue.

Rub-a-dub dub

Add another blue.

Add purple next.

Dilute with water if the color isn't distributing.
Last but not least, red!
I was wearing gloves but they broke with all the rubbing.  I had purple hands for a few days.

This will be sopping wet and will need to run off somewhere.  I stuck it on a recycle bin and let the run off go to one side.

I cut half off so it looks more like a rainbow.  All I need now is a pot of gold!

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