Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Galaxy Dyed Romper

If there's one thing that screams "classy" in modern-day fashion, it's the cut-off jean. I'm pretty sure Marie Antoinette died in one of these, just to prove a point, and that high couture long followed her lead in producing their own versions of cut-offs and jumpers every season since. No? Okay, fact is, even the most style-savvy among us who managed to emerge from the early 90s intact probably modeled a rather embarrassing swath of denim at one point or another in their teens. Jean rompers aren't everyones "thing".  And I get it, this one is especially trashy.  But here's a simple way to update a classically dated 90s romper that so many of us have hiding out in the closet, in need of a serious makeover before showing their face in the sunlight again .  There are great tutorials on Galaxy Dying online.  Mine is a little different because I'm starting out with jean as a base.  I dyed it darker blue to add a little more depth then lightened it up with bleach.

The original Guess romper.

First dye blue with Rit Dye, Denim Blue. Squirt with bleach strategically, think galaxy.

Add Tulip Spray Dyes in pink, yellow, and whatever else strikes your fancy.

Glitter spray is an intergalactic touch.

Add Pentel Fabric Fun pastels bursts for the planets.

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