Monday, November 19, 2012

Pom Pom Infused Tu-Tu

As the years progress, the birthday parties keep on a'comin'.  We average about 4-5 per month and boy are they starting to get expensive at $20-$25 per gift.  So for our friend Ruby's (2 years old) birthday, I decided to try my hand at making her a homemade tu-tu.  What girl, big or small, doesn't want a tu-tu in her life?  Pink, fluffy, and totally handmade, I thought this would be a lovely (and less expensive) alternative to our usual gift of a plastique tea set.

Fold a 3 yard piece of tulle into thirds.  

Ruffle and sew to a ribbon long enough to tie in the back.

This is the back.

Inject with pom poms, feathers, and sequins.  Sew up back sides so they don't fall out.

It's a party in there.

Staggering the length folds will insure that the whole scope of the stuffing is visible.  Adding stitching to the ribbon is an easy way to add an extra bit of detail.
Party on!

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