Rainbow Feather Headdress Party

My friend Catherine is having a rainbow bird party for her son's 4th birthday this weekend and had a little craft party to make feather headdresses for it today.  She bought tons of gorgeous feathers from Lincoln Fabrics (sadly going out of business which is why she got so many feathers at a discount).  Too much fun...  I went crazy and made about 5, not sure which one to wear yet.

Inspiration from Free People
More inspiration from Free People.
Having a feather frenzy with Catherine, Heather, and Anna.
Cut a band of cotton about 4"x24"

Fold into thirds, and hot glue a strip of feathers right at the mid-point on the top folded part.  Turn lower part of fabric up to cover the base of feathers.  Hot glue in place.

Turn front ways.  Hot glue a decorative strip of beaded ribbon right below the feathers.  Sew a running stitch to finish the rest of the back of the headdress.  Gluing would make it too stiff to tie nicely.

Tie behind your head and voila!
Mama rainbow bird.

And Heather's version with leather.
Another design.  Tri-folded fabric glued in place.
Hand stitch elastic to end.
Hot glue backwards facing feathers to each end.
Add another color.
Ta-dah!  This is Anna's version (mine isn't finished yet).

She really fanned it up.  Crazy beautiful!

Meanwhile... triple turquoise trouble.


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