Jean Patchwork Headboard Makeover

When I saw this headboard in the alley behind my house I immediately saw the potential.  The shape was simple enough that all it it needed was new fabric- a change from the bland and drab 80s pattern that completely destroyed an otherwise awesome piece.  It was just what I needed for my house, too.  I just happened to have tons of jean legs from a bunch of jean short makeovers, plus some of my kids, and husbands jeans they couldn't wear anymore so I used these for the patchwork.  This is one of my favorite projects from my upcoming Marie appearance as well as my to look at in my home.
The original headboard I found it in the alley behind my house.  It ended up being rather smelly too, so I steam cleaned it as well.
Jean parts leftover from my jean short spree this summer.

Jean legs split down one seam.  

All our family jeans.  Figuring out the patchwork design.


Made smaller patches from just the , then sewing all the patches together.
I then covered the headboard with the patchwork piece.

The back- stapled onto the headboard.

Wrapped around the side- tight corners are important in wrapping the side.

Pull down.
And wrap around the bottom. 

Staple to the bottom back.

Pockets hand-sewn to the headboard.

Almost done!  Just figuring out where to put the pockets.

Perfect for my son's room.


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