Venice Beach Clothing Swap

It's crazy, I know, the queen of recycling has never hosted a swap.  Well, I finally did it. No one else had the time or set-up this go round and I'm lucky enough to have access to the neighbor's yard so I made it happen.  I was nervous.  Would anyone come, would anyone bring anything good, would there be too much left over for me to handle?  I was mostly concerned about the turn-out- a leftover sentiment from my middle school anxiety-ridden fear of birthday party hosting.  Well, it turned out awesome.  Plenty of style starved ladies turned out and took out tons of clothes.  At one point, I was wondering if I was going to have to rent a UHaul to take it all away there was so much.  Thankfully, it dissipated, as people took their fair share of loot and I was only left with eight boxes to take to the shelter.

Chaise de bijoux
More tops than anyone could ever handle.

Food on the porch, clothes on the patio and a man?  Believe it or not, he even found some clothes.

So many shoes!  There were some happy size 8s in the house!

My friend Dany with her Ikea bag full of much needed work clothes.

Heather not only found her new favorite pants, but an exercise ball!  Clothing swaps- not just for clothing.
The clothes line full of dresses.

Marisa Lynch of Cannot wait to see what she does with this In Living Color lycra crop-top.

Yay for swaps and friends with great clothes, (hats, scarves, and shoes)!


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