Monday, September 3, 2012

Baby-Doll Dress Purse

So what do you do when you have a wool baby doll dress, made for Iceland in the winter but are living in Southern California and not a baby?  Easy solution- turn it into an easy to carry, very chic for Fall, yellow handbag and belt set.  Let's face it, baby doll dresses don't look very good on anyone over the age of 12.  This dress was way too heavy for Southern California and just swallowed my dear friend up.  An easy sewing project that took less than 1/2 an hour- here is how it's done!
Purse and belt set.

1.  Cut top off dress.  You will see the top of this dress re-appear in another future project so take note.

2.  Cut bottom 12 inches off dress.

3.  Turn inside out.  Sew seam at the bottom cut with a machine.  Turn down top and hand-sew a whip-stitch 1/8" from cut, turning under to hide raw edge.  Add handles to top opening a couple of inches from each side, also by hand-sewing.  The inside of the purse is already naturally lined.
The pocket of the dress became a little pocket for keys/lipstick at the top back.  I took the ties from the back of the babydoll and attached them as handles by hand sewing them 2 inches from each side.

The thing I love about yellow is that it goes nicely with pink (above) or blue.  See how the cute front of the dress looks even better on a purse?

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