Nantucket Adventure-Pt 1

Every year we head out east for our annual Nantucket family reunion around the 4th of July.  This year was no exception, and it was just as lovely as ever.  Perfect weather the whole time, warm Atlantic ocean, hydrangeas in bloom, and endless toenail shells to be collected on the beach.   Nantucket has such a unique character. All the houses are grey and shingled, the downtown is paved with original cobblestones from the 1800s, and the buildings are crooked and time-worn, some originating from 1600s.  We sailed, we sunbathed, we swam, we ate lobster.  Ohh heaven!

1st Congregational Church and the lovely hydrangeas.  They were in full bloom all over the island.

Sconset is a tiny village at the east end of the island- this is where Broadway actors used to summer.  So cute and full of character.

From the beach to Aunt Ann's house... far away for little feet.

Our anniversary is July 1st so we got a sitter and went to the Ships Inn for dinner to celebrate.

A grand grey lady in Sconset- (used to be in the family but no longer.)

A gorgeous hand sewn Olivia Le-Tan  felted clutch from Paris in one of the stores downtown.

Lots of cross-stitch on Nantucket- an old tradition. 
Family time at Aunt Barbie's house with the cousins.

James loved being dunked in the Atlantic- we did this for hours!

Heading back after collecting toenail shells-  going to make necklaces with them.
All (Nan)tuckered out.


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