Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dany's Something Blue

It's not like every every artistic challenge I take on isn't an adventure in and of itself friend Dany's wedding crown was a project that I was so totally excited to work on. Even more so than usual. See, this was payback time. Not only because Dany is such an amazing artist, and did an awesome job illustrating my two books- Beadalicious, and Just for the Frill of It, but on top of that she helped me make a beautiful handmade photo album for my wedding and, well, she's just an awesome girl who I love hanging out with. And I'm so supremely happy for her to finally have found a deserving match.  So for her wedding crown, I wanted to make something not only beautiful, but comfortable.  Dany is having a salsa-dancing wedding (how she and her hubby met) and I want her to be able to dance her little heart out without her head hurting from a harsh wire headband putting pounding pressure behind her ears (certainly not the good kind of accupressure). You can dance the night away with this little beauty without ever knowing it's there...(I'll know it, though :) )

The finished crown in all it's glory.

Dany working hard on co-designing the headband.  1.  We glued the crystals in place with fabric glue.

2. I then hand sewed the jewels to the leather.  Time consuming, yes.

3.  We added pearl flowers on 24 gauge wire.  I used a pin tool to make holes for the wire to pierce through to the back.

A close up of the wire work.

The pin tool piercing the leather to get the wire through to the other side makes it easier.

4.  I then ironed interfacing to the back of the leather to strengthen the whole piece and hide the wires and thread. 

5.  I cut around the design to make the headband into a pretty shape.

6.  I added an elastic to each end.  This will hide under Dany's hair.

Yay!  It's done! 

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