Saturday, October 31, 2009

Quick Sweater Sleeve Kitten Hat for Ideal Bite

This is a quick and easy way to make a kitten hat out of an old sweater sleeve that I came up with for Ideal Bite's Mama Bite column.  For photos of each step go to my Flickr page.   Any soft, light weight knit will do and it is a great way to recycle that sweater that has too many moth holes to wear anymore.  

What You Need:

  • The bottom 10 inches of an adult sweater sleeve (a soft, breathable knit works best)
  • Matching thread and a needle
  • 2 little felt triangles
  • Embroidery thread to match the felt (optional; the regular thread works OK too)
  • Scissors


  1. Cut off the bottom 10 inches of your sweater's sleeve.
  2. Lay it flat with the sweater's original seam on one side, and sew either the cut end or the cuff end closed, depending on which edge you want to be the the top. Sew it inside out if you want to hide the seam or let the seam show as decoration. It'll look like a rectangle with one edge closed.
  3. To make the ears, sew pink felt triangles to each corner of the closed side of the rectangle (the top), sewing through only the top layer of knit.
  4. Still working on the closed side, pinch the middle inch between the two ears and fold down a couple of times so the ears stick up on either side of the fold. Sew through both layers of knit to secure.
  5. If the bottom edge is raw, it should roll up. For a more finished look, roll up enough to cover the edge and hold in place with a stitch on each side of the hat.


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