Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Aquarium Halloween Costume

This was a really easy costume to make and only took 1/2 an hour.  Chris' costume is a muscle shirt from Venice beach with holes poked for Grippy's arms and a length-wise slit for his head from the neckline.

What You'll Need:

1/2 yard 60 inch blue vinyl (this piece was $3.00 downtown L.A.)
a 55" hoop of some sort- I made this one out of copper fridge tubing and duct-taped it the seam
Florescent yellow duct tape
Wax paper
Clear packing tape
Safe-T-Shapes for the shower floor in fish designs
Bubble wrap
Glue stick
Fabric to make straps out of
Some aquarium figurines- I had a diver and a treasure chest
Optional- battery operated book light


1.  Cut a hoop for yourself out of tubing.  Duct tape it and round out the circle.
2.  Fold vinyl in half width-wise.  On one half, place fish stickers all over and use glue stick to stick paper backings on the vinyl as well- double the fish!
3.  Stick a foot and a half of florescent duct tape to wax paper and cut out a sea plant shape.
4.  Place plant and cut a few more if needed.
5.  Put bubble wrap around the copper hoop then carefully fold the vinyl the other way so the stickers are on the inside and the copper hoop is between the sticker layer and an outside layer of vinyl.
6.  Tape the back seam and the inside back seam up with packing tape.
7.  Poke holes where straps should be and run black fabric through the holes, tie in back.
8.  Drop figurines in and sprinkle glitter in your aquarium.
9. Optional- add a book light to the display.

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