Color Your Covers!

 Rainbows everywhere!  O, how I love color!  I was going to just keep it simple and go blue and white stripes but I couldn't help myself and used, well, all the colors (except orange). This is a great way to instantly make your covers a giant fun rainbow for a kids room or if you just love color like me.  It takes two packets of each color- yellow, green, blue (2 different blues), purple, and red to cover a queen/full bedspread and two pillow cases.  You'll also need a car-wash sponge to spread the dye evenly.  I also used some spray dyes to add rings to the pillow cases.  Wash the duvet first to get the sizing off and make sure to use 100% cotton for the most vibrant color possible.  I got this queen duvet here at Target for $45.00.  The dyes I used were Tulip one step dyes available at craft stores everywhere.

1.  Make a yellow dye bath and dip dye one end of the duvet in. 
1a.  Let soak for a couple of hours.

2.  Squirt on generously a complimentary color (think of the color wheel).  If you start with yellow, orange, red, or green go well next)

3.  Add blue, then purple, then change the next dye bath to red, and soak the other end.  Let dry overnight outside where the dye can drip off without staining anything. 

I left mine on a grassy slope and the colors dripped down a little with the slope of the hill.  

4.  For the pillowcases, dip dye them yellow.

5.  Tie them up with rubber-bands, then add a complimentary color.

6.  Add circles with spray dye as desired.

7.  We added them to the duvet as well here and there to add another pattern.

On the set of Marie.  Air date before June 11th I'm told. 


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