Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Color Drip Lampshade

The fun thing about tie dying is the flowing rivers of color that is part of the process.  Sometimes, I feel it's a shame to let all the beautiful excess of dye go down the drain but here is a project that is a by-product of dyeing- waste not want not!  All you need is a bunch of plain white 1-ply paper towels, no prints or it'll be too busy.   I didn't need this lamp anywhere in the house, need to get rid of things actually, but couldn't resist this little milk glass beauty at Goodwill.   I covered the outside of this plain white shade to give it a little contrast.  Remember, with lampshades, there is a heat element, so you don't want to actually decoupage on the inside of the shade where it gets hot.

The original milk glass lamp from Goodwill $5.99

Paper towels used to catch the drips of drying dye projects, Mod Podge, and a 1 inch foam brush.  If you aren't dying anything, food coloring should have the same dying effect on the paper towels...

Add a layer of Mod Podge, then carefully apply thin strips of paper towel.

Didn't want it too stripe-y so went a little more free form with the tears and see how much cooler it looks.  Leave a little at the top and bottom to wrap around.

Trim to 1/8" and glue down with white glue or a glue stick.

Not sure where to put it... bedroom
Near the lonely fish, Blanca
Or in the green room...

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