Frosted Silhouette Mirrors

What You'll Need:
Glue Stick
Digital camera and printer
Krylon Frosted Glass Spray Paint
Nail scissors
Shelf paper

Begin by getting a silhouette photograph of your child.  The best way to do this is to sit them down on a chair against a blank wall.  Take photos of your child looking slightly up, straight and slightly down.  You can decide which is best when you look at them on the computer.
Glue your photo onto shelving paper with a glue stick.  Carefully cut out your child's silhouette with nail scissors.  I did this two ways, so I got one mirror as a negative and one as a positive.  If you are going for the negative effect, meaning you want the silhouette frosted, make sure your shelf paper covers the entire mirror.

As Valentine's approaches, I think of silhouettes, maybe because of the classic Victorian style that I associate with the holiday.  Here is an updated take on the old-fashioned black paper on a white background that has made this timeless project so loved.

In a well ventilated area spray the mirror with your frosted glass paint about 6 inches from the surface, lightly misting.  Layer a few coats on for your desired opacity.  Once dry to touch, carefully remove shelf paper from mirror to reveal your child's silhouette.  Do this once the paint is dry to the touch or you may smear the paint.   If the paint has leaked in places, you can carefully scratch the leak off with a razor blade.


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