Friday, November 25, 2011

Stained Glass Animals

Talk about a window to another world! With a simple picture book, plastic page protectors, and window paint, you can make your child's bedroom windows into a jungle, aquarium, and zoo all in one. Every time the sun shines, the animals come alive. This is kid-proof stained glass, and a great project for kids 2 and up. We've been working on Grippy's bedroom for a while and have gotten both windows covered almost entirely.  Grippy likes to make dots with the paint to make food for the animals to eat, so any time we have accidents, spills, etc., we call it food. This way, no paint ever goes to waste.

What You'll Need:

Gallery glass by Plaid or Klutz Squirt on peel off Window Paint
Plastic page protectors- any thick plastic will do
A picture book with animals in it, any children's picture book will do
Paper towel

Noah's Arc on the window.

We use an illustrated animal encyclopedia that we got second hand.  Love this book and it is a great way for Grippy to learn the names of animals.

1.  Lay down the plastic over the image and outline the animal with the "liquid leading".  Here, I have an assistant guiding the paint.

2.  We're not so precise about it as you can see, as long as the animal is recognizable...  

2.  Squeeze on colors.

3.  Fill the whole animal making sure not to overfill, it will take forever to dry if there is too much paint but if you add just the right amount it will dry over night.

4.  Work around the details like the eyes and the ears with a toothpick.

Animals and a pumpkin.  Sometimes the paint gets out of the lines, totally o.k. by me.  It's important that the little ones do it themselves.

I love the way green and red look together on the birds and the frogs.

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