Plaster Platypus

My husband and I have a long running alliance with this very special, rare animal- we feel that if we were not humans, we would most certainly be platypuses.  This has led to many a-platypus in our lives: platypus t-shirts, platypus puppets, books, etc... So this year for my husband's birthday I decided to make an embodiment of our favorite creature to hang along side the real taxidermy we have in our house.

What You'll Need:

Wire Mesh- I used an old screen door screen
Wire Cutters
Newspaper and/or Newsprint
Paper Mod Podge
Sponge brush
Plaster of Paris
Paints and paintbrushes
Drill and screws for mounting it

1.  Make the base structure with wire mesh.
This is the back, I sewed it up with a loose wire.
2.  Decoupage over the mesh with strips of paper newsprint.
3.  Paint white with gesso- you can stop here after a few layers if you just want a papier-mache platypus and paint it the desired colors.  At this step, I thought that it looked a little too rough and wanted smoother edges, so I added a layer of plaster.

5.  Here is the platypus after a layer of plaster, I sanded it lightly after it dried for a few hours.
6.  Now for the fun part!  Painting it!

I got my dear friend Jessica of Hipster Teaparty to help me.  She is a very talented painter and I just love an excuse to hang out with her whenever I can!

Et, voila!  I screwed the bottom corners into this frame I had laying around.


Love it! Reminds me of an Etsy seller I saw last year that had stuffed animal unicorn heads mounted as if taxidermy. I wanted one for Lauren's room to go on the wall by "Sonya's curtains". :)

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