Merry Christmas Garland

Want your house to scream Merry Christmas without running up the electricity bill or supergluing reindeer to the roof? Express yourself with these easy-to-make quilted holiday letters. In a few minutes you can add a festive touch to any mantle or, if you haven't got one (and, honestly, who has a mantle these days...?!), give that less-than-Noble Fir a voice by attaching some pom-poms and hanging these letters as ornaments on your Christmas tree. But don't stop at Christmas. This project's technique can be used anytime. Whether announcing a party or decorating a child's room, let your style speak with this easy to-do, and impossible to ignore, anytime garland. 

Step 1:  Iron double-sided Wonder-Under to quilted fabric.

Step 2:  Iron parchment paper to the wrong-side of patterned fabric and trace 3 1/4 inch letters on the parchment paper.    Make sure the letters are backwards so the letter appear forward on the garland.
Step 3:  Cut out letters and peel off the parchment paper.

Step 3:  Lay out letters leaving a little bit of room between them.  Sew around letters using a straight-stitch and going slowly.

Step 4:  Cut out letters and sew to a 1/2 inch ribbon spacing evenly on garland.  


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