Behind the Beaded Curtain

I recently finished a series of nine projects for the informative site.  This Beaded Curtain is one of my faves.  It has a high-end design-y African feel that took me by surprise.  The genius of bead projects is that they can be taken apart and made into something else so easily.  It doesn't damage the beads at all for them to be repurposed into something new so they are totally "borrowable" (I scored these from my friend, jewelry designer of Sid Vintage).  And, as you can see from the below, even the most overlooked of beads, when joined together, can come together to create the most unforgettable of projects.  Check out the how-to here.

The wooden and plastic beads I used.

Finished curtain
Side view

While I was working on the curtain, I let my kids have a piece of fishing wire and use the beads.
My 5 year olds necklace.

My 2 year olds necklace.

Both on me ;)  Happy Monday!


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