Thursday, December 6, 2012

Guess Who's the Christmas Elf?

This week I had one of the most elf-y jobs I've had in a long time.  I had the unique pleasure of decorating the Guess? Jeans campus for the Holidays.  I have lived in L.A. for over 10 years now and never knew they have a huge city block-sized, 4 building area downtown.  There are over 700 employees and the owners even work there.  Now, this job really brought me back to the 8th grade.  I remember seeing the Claudia Schiffer campaign in Vogue circa 1990 and knowing that I HAD to have that pair of acid-washed Guess overalls at Macy's, and the red Guess sweatshirt too.  I was really caught up in the whole craze along with every tweener in Monterey.  The walls of the campus are plastered of 20-30 foot images of their adds so there was no escaping their alluring marketing.  I even bought myself three more pairs of jeans from the employee store- this time colored jeans in mint, plum, and royal blue.  Here is a little tour...
Me and one of my 6 trees! 

The cafe had so many different kinds of food, it took me forever to decide what to eat...
I like the message... coming from Moroccan-French immigrants, it's true that they are totally self-made gazillionaires.  

The 30 foot Claudia in acid washed jeans was bringing me back.  I think this photo inspired me to get the very same, zip-ankled pair.
"G" shaped reception area.

A camper display lining the hall.

A whole row of mock stores where they work out the window displays and interior design of their 300+ stores.

Decking the halls.
My little forest under the stairs.
Silver balls at reception.

All in a row here, they were quite festive. 
The brothers drive around in this golf cart with "the rules" on the back, note the French license plate.

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