How to Make Big Bear Eyes

Obviously, this project applies to everyone. I mean, on any given day who doesn't have to take a fairly sketchy bear costume with inch-wide pinhole eyes and open them up so the average person over 3 feet tall can see through them to distribute flyers to an unsuspecting public? That's what I call art. With that in mind, here's how you make a stuffy costume bearable without having to hire an actual bear (they'd be offended, I'm pretty sure...bears don't like t-shirts):

I drew bigger eyes.

Cut the fabric.

Used a thin blade hand saw to saw away the extra foam.  

I had my 2 year old help.  I don't recommend this. 

We made a big mess of the kitchen.  

Note to self: do this outside next time.

For the bigger eyes, I used cheese containers, mesh fabric and duct tape.

Then duct taped the insides of the eyes so the foam pellets would stay put and folded the fabric under.

Oh yes, cut out the bottom.

Insert the container into the holes.

Hot glue a felt circle to the outside of the eyes to finish it off.  Don't forget eyelashes!


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