A Splendid Event

Splendid recently opened a store at The Grove and hired my pal and former Anthro colleague Kate Burger and her company k8vision to create all the displays for the event.  It was a huge project with many activity stands, including keychain making, sun prints, and even a flipbook station! (There was a lemonade stand, too, but I'm pretty sure we didn't craft any lemons...yet :)!).  Needless to say, Kate needed some help, so she called me (and a few other former Anthro gals) in for backup.  It was a good excuse to get out of the house and use my skills of yore a little bit!  Sometimes, being a mom makes me feel like I am totally out of the loop with all my crafting.  Juggling life with the babies with my craft is a tough balancing act, but I'd never want to pass up an opportunity like this...especially when my kids are part of the fun! Here's a good look at a great day, and a bit of the hard work that went into it...

Colorful striped and patterned boxes used for storage inside and for the kids to climb. 
The BIG sign!  I painted all the laser-cut letters and logos.  The sponge brush was my friend.  In the foreground are the little blocks I also helped paint that fit together to make puzzles.  The designs were really complicated- could it be that a little genius figured out the patterns...?

...or maybe kids just stacked them up. Fun either way!

The craft stations- the awesome crafts were created by Kimmel Kids.

A keychain making station for kids.  

Colorful signs for ambience.
Laser-cut signs letting people know what was where.

And last but not least awesome driftwood animals made by our other Anthro buddy, Jen Johnson.

The set shop...

Painting the boxes in my favorite work apron at the set shop.
The boxes half done.
Kate hard at work painting the boxes.


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