Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Haunted House

A skeleton butler with glow sticks greeted guests.  Purchased at
Spider webs lined a dark hallway, gummy spiders dangled from the web in strategic places and plastic cockroaches were strewn across the floor.  I found this Hillary Clinton mask at the 99 cents store, stuck it  on a pole, added some cardboard tubes for shape, and draped fabric around it to form a body.
Death by reading is what happened to this poor old soul!  It's hard to see his bulging glow in the dark eyes.  Again, I used a rubber mask and a head form on top of bags of fabric.
Three styrofoam balls attached by toothpicks where draped with fabric to make ghosts.  I hung them by fishing line by wrapping the line around the center of the round ball, taping it in place, then running the fishing line through the top of the fabric "head" of the ghost.
See the spooky ghosts on the left!  I left the ladder up and made it  a feature.  The best thing about the haunted house was the table scape that had lots of candles, dry ice in the glasses, and cobwebs and spiders all over it.  I forgot to take a picture- still kicking myself!

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