Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Grippy's Birthday Party

Favors included beads, pom poms, a key chain, and some fabric.  My friends are so creative, I'm interested to see what they will make of it all.
Of course, there was a crafty station for safari hats, masks, and headbands for the kids.
For the living room, I made a simple construction paper banner with a 5x7 pad of construction paper, making each letter the size of one page and some string and tape.
This simple banner I made with the Cricut cutting out each individual letter, 3 1/4" cardboard circles, then gluing the letters to the circles and taping them to string.
I had a sheet of 12 round 2 1/2" sugar labels printed at Gloria's Cake Supply.  The sheets are $10.95 each and must be warmed over a toaster over so the sugar lifts off easily.  I botched a few learning how to get them off.  
Simple logo cupcake flags, and grass border to go with the hint of a safari theme.

No Venice birthday party is complete without a jumpy house!

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