Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vintage Inspired Hammock

This month's More magazine features a really awesome spread with Lori Loughlin relaxing in a hammock that I made especially for the shoot.  I took the rope ends of an existing hammock, cut the loud stripped plaid fabric out of it then used the old hammock as a pattern.  The hammock was basically a rectangle with tabbed ends so it was a simple process.  Thick canvas fabric covered on both sides by vintage inspired patterned cotton replaced the bright red plaid fabric.   I first sewed a pretty cotton to both sides of sturdy 6' piece of fabric that measured 54" wide.  Then, cut slits in each end of the new fabric which each measured 2 and change inches wide each so that there were 8 tabs total at each end, finished the raw edges with a zig-zag stitch, then looped the tabs around the rope loops and secured them by sewing a box with an "X" in the middle.  A really simple project that didn't take more than an hour!